Claudia Makes Up Her Mind

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Claudia Makes Up Her Mind
Series Regular
Tagline Two boys... two grades.. how will claudia will ever decides?
Date Published November 1997
Number in Series 113

Claudia Makes Up Her Mind is the 113th book in the original BSC series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

After all her initial difficulty in re-adjusting to life as a seventh-grader, Claudia Kishi is doing great both academically and socially. She's acing tests, she has a lot of great seventh-grade friends, and she signs up (along with her boyfriend, Mark Jaffe) to be a seventh-grade events coordinator for the annual SMS Color War, when all the grades at Stoneybrook Middle School compete against each other.

Then Mrs. Amer offers her the chance to return to the eighth grade. Claudia doesn't know whether she should accept and risk leaving behind her new friends and boyfriend. Her friends, especially Josh Rocker, want her to stay, but Mark doesn't seem too bothered and keeps failing to meet his obligations to the Color War, and to his dates with Claudia. Then Claudia finds out that Josh likes her as more than a friend.

Claudia decides her relationship with Mark isn't working and breaks up with him. Josh tells her that he and her other seventh-grade friends will still be there if she switches grades, and helps her decide that she wants to become an eighth-grader again. She tells her parents and Mrs. Amer, who sets up a rigorous schedule of tutoring so Claudia will be able to handle her eighth-grade work. Josh kisses her and they make plans to go on a date.

The seventh-graders win the Color War, and Claudia accepts their check from the Stoneybrook Chamber of Commerce in her last official act as Queen of the Seventh Grade.

Secondary plot

The BSC organizes at Kid's Color War for their charges.

Other plot information

  • For details about the SMS Color War, see the article SMS Color War.

Clients in this book

Other characters

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Things in this book

Notable fashion

  • During the Color War, Claudia is forced to wear orange, her grade's team color. On the first day, she reports that she "had actually found a cool orange outfit – right in [her] closet. It was an electric orange rayon bowling ensemble [she]'d bought at a flea market and almost forgotten about."


  • While talking to Stacey, Claudia refers to "last summer, when we tried to build that great sand castle," but it kept being knocked down by waves. This is probably a reference to the sand castles she built when visiting Fire Island with Stacey in 76.
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